Well Here I am Again!!

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Well hello there, I have been very busy, house sitting and looking after my two adorable charges, Murphy & Schnorkey, they are rescued dogs, so it takes time for them to trust you, but patience and consistency is a wonderful thing, and I have been fully rewarded with lots of love from them both.

Have also been busy coming up with new designs for my Art.

I need an opinion, I have been collecting some driftwood and shells, I’m a terrible hoarder, and can’t resist found objects, always telling myself I could do something with them, and wellll they are just soooo pretty.

So I decided it was time for me to do just that and this is what I came up with for the piece of driftwood,  I posted it on my Facebook page and got quite a few hits, but  not too many people give you their opinion.

I had one lady tell me she would use it for hanging keys on, I was going to hang some of my shells and other things on there, so what do you think?

Bird on Driftwood
Bird on Driftwood

Close up of Bird

I am also being featured on the lovely  Destiny Campbell’s  blog at http://reaghsunshine.blogspot.ca, for the month of July, so super excited, here is a direct link to the article if you would like to take a look.

Direct Link to my Feature Page:

I have also come up with a few more new pieces of Jewellery, and again I’m open to constructive criticism, here they are:

Then I got to thinking why do we wear jewellery?, so I did a bit of digging and this is what I found:

In the past it was used to portray wealth, power & status, only the rich could afford jewellery until the Industrial Revolution, when jewellery was able to be mass-produced, which allowed for more affordable pieces, this happened during the Art Deco Period 1920 – 1935 and coincidently during this period Women changed their clothing and cut their hair short into the bob, and became more empowered than ever before.
Religious Affiliation 
Jewellry was used in religious ceremonies, particularly the Medieval Period.

To Express yourself

To express affection towards someone, i.e. giving of an engagement ring, and wedding rings, which in the west is part of our symbolic culture.

Why do you wear jewellery?  How does it make you feel? After having asked around I have had answers like:

It makes me feel, Beautiful, Mysterious, Empowered, Sultry, Sexy.
We as humans love to decorate ourselves, be it jewellery, clothing, hats, accessories, body art, it makes us feel special and individual, and on that note…………….. until next time.


Ramble On & I will Listen!!!