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Hi Everyone, its been a very busy time since I last wrote anything here on my “Blog”. I have been testing the waters with a few boutique markets and it’s been a huge learning curve, I have had a couple of really good ones and a couple of not so good ones.

So lots of high’s images (3) 

and a few lows         images (2)

especially when it’s such a lot of hard work and expense to set your self up, before you can actually do a market.

There is a bit of equipment to purchase, a Marquee, a table, a tablecloth, it has to have a “certain look”, a trolley to transport everything from your car to the venue, not to mention props so your table is properly presented and looks professional. Other things, a chair, something secure for your float and the list goes on, so it’s not something for the faint hearted.

The upside is you get to meet lots of fab people and other stall holders, have a fun time, do a bit of networking and generally sell your wares without the expensive of a brick and mortar store.

Me thinks it will take a few more markets before I will see any kind of profit, but that’s business, everything takes time, so lots of planning to do for next year.

Photo’s of my last market shared with my lovely daughter Laura of www.Facebook.com/marludesignz-laura likoski

Some new pieces I have been adding to my repertoire:

So I am winding down this week as lots to do to get ready for the holiday season….

I know too early I hear you say, I don’t normally stop this early before Xmas its just that we are flying to New Zealand on Sunday to spend Xmas with my Husbands (aka Boy Wonder) Family.

They live in the Far North of New Zealand, so it will be beautiful beaches, fishing, and lots of seafood, not to mention a big Family reunion, it will be awesome to catch up with everyone again, it’s been 3 years this time since we seen them and our first Xmas there in over 20 years.

I will still be on social media though, I just love the wonders of the Internet to be able to still keep in touch no matter where you are, so I will be posting lots of photo,s of New Zealand and I’m going to bring some tools with me and source bead shops in Auckland before heading north, I will go crazy if I cant make anything as we will be away for 6 whole weeks!!

Lots of inspiration to be had in New Zealand, especially up North, it is very unspoilt, the waters are crystal clear, the beaches are deserted, the sun is warm on your skin and you feel like you are on a deserted island.

I am so very blessed to be able to do this and I will appreciate every moment.

Merry Xmas From


Work In Progress

Hi, I thought you might like a look at what I’m working on, I am hoping to do a Market, weather permitting, on 28th June, it is winter here and in Victoria, Australia and Winter is quite wet so I will keep you posted.

Here are some things I’m working on at present, let me know your thoughts on them.

I think I will have to have the seahorse finished for the market as they have proved to be very popular, usually I wire them onto a canvas that I have painted black, but because this one is in black wire that’s probably not a good idea, so I will have to come up with options.

They will all have beads and wire added much like this one,Sea Horse 1


Not sure which colours yet, I have lots to choose from, too many perhaps!!!

On a different note I am bursting with enthusiasm, I submitted some of my work to Rena Klingenberg’s “Jewellery Making Journal” and she very kindly posted them on her website for me, check it out here   http://jewelrymakingjournal.com/wired-up/

I am just so pleased with the lovely comments people have left on there, it has really spurred me ahead to write this blog, I would highly recommend Rena’s book


It has helped me to put things in perspective and made me think outside the square.

Until next time…………….M