On The Move!!!

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For those who don’t know, my husband (aka ¬†Boy Wonder) & I House sit and we have been here in Victoria for the past 5 months looking after 2 lovely doggies and a large house, now the problem is packing everything up, it’s a bit of a nightmare and we have 5 days left, and in the middle of it all I got a Custom order for 3 pairs of earrings, and didn’t have enough material to make them all Aghhhhhhh!!

So I had to source the sterling silver from a Company in Melbourne which is a 2 hour bus ride away, I could use the car and drive in but parking is very expensive and the Company was right in the City Centre, so I decided on the bus, well that was maybe not quite the right choice, as I fell asleep!Sleeping Icon lol and woke up just in time to get off the bus, I was soooo embarrassed, and couldn’t look at anybody, it was head down and off the bus as quick as I could go.

Anyway, I picked up what I thought was the right stuff and headed home on the bus, desperately trying not to fall asleep again, what is it about buses that make you fall asleep!!! does anyone else have the same problem as me!!!

Ok, so I get home and start to make the earrings and you wouldn’t believe it but I have been given the wrong gauge wire, and I have already measured and cut my pieces before ¬†realised the mistake!!! too late I have already cut the wire!!, I was so upset with myself and thought what on earth do I do now, I don’t have time to take another day out to go into the city and I had to finish the earrings and post them before we leave, so I got on the good old net and found a place only an hours drive away, so I rang and put in my order, and then did a 2 hour round trip to pick up the materials, phew!!!! and here are the offending earrings!!!! I do hope she likes them after all the drama!!!

The Culprit's
The Culprit’s

Note to Self -Get more organised!

Back to the Packing

Now we only have 4 days left, and we are having gale force winds, our little caravan is taking the brunt of the wind and rain, and it’s difficult to get in there to pack stuff away, and I don’t want to pack up my tools and beads just yet!! I will pack a small bag with some wire, tools and beads so I don’t suffer from crafting withdrawal lol !!!!

We will be on the road for about 2 weeks, it’s a long drive home to Queensland some 2000 odd kilometre’s or approx 1250 miles with a few more kilometre’s added on for exploring.

Come for the ride with me as we head north to sunny Queensland!!!


Ramble On & I will Listen!!!