All About Me

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T’is Me 

Hi and welcome,

I am a Wire Artist and Wire Jewellery Maker, and there is nothing I enjoy more than bending wire and making something beautiful.

So with that in mind   “Welcome to my World of Wire”

I discovered wire about a year ago with the help and encouragement of my lovely daughter Laura, she has always been the artistic one, but not me, I have for the most part been an Accountant which is far removed from the creative arts.

But slowly and surely I tried everything from tatting to polymer clay until I found wire and it all fell into place, I love bending and twisting the wire into all sorts of shapes and if it doesn’t turn out the way I think it will I hoard those bits until I can incorporate them into something else, so nothing goes to waste.

I originally hail from Belfast, Ireland and now live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, mainly to be able to bring my children up in peace and harmony, which I have achieved.

I am still learning and completed a silver smithing course last year which I thoroughly enjoyed, and am teaching myself all things resin, again with the help of my lovely daughter.

I will be incorporating resin and metal into my designs in the future, when, I hopefully will have mastered the techniques.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me as I explore more of my Art & Jewellery, while travelling and House Sitting around this awesome country.


Ramble On & I will Listen!!!